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haXe, actionscript, open source flash, SWF experimentations.
Note : Most posts are experiments, so some tricks are fixed in new versions of haXe.

thursday 12 november 2009

Metro, boulot, dodo

Après des mois d'absence sur la scène haXe, j'ai repris le cours des choses, là où je l'avais laissé et plutôt deux fois qu'une, oeil pour oeil, croûte que coûte et vaille que vaille ;-)

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thursday 12 march 2009

haXe completion for Flash Develop 3

Flash develop 3 supports haXe projects now.
As many IDEs, FD3 has his own completion system that helps you writing code in a specified language, and for now it's haXe language case too.
Here comes a patch for FD3 that allows haXe compiler's built-in completion.
Let's see how install it and how it works.

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sunday 21 december 2008

FEffects 1.1.1

I've changed a little bit the FEffects Tween class so you can use now, the short syntax that allows working directly on an object's property and you can set the easing function in the constructor.
Some new methods like : pause(), resume(), seek( n : Int ) and reverse() are added, and the following getters : position, duration, isPlaying and reversed.
The main loop function is inlined now too.
Original post is here
You can also see this post about sharing code between different plateforms (FEffects do that ;-) )

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sunday 2 november 2008

haXe articles updated for haXe 2.0

Some monthes ago, I released 2 articles for The Flash&Flex Developper's magazine.
Since haXe 2.0, some changes occured, so here comes new versions of the FDock application described in the first number and XiLib example for the 2nd.

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monday 25 august 2008

hxDeploy : haXe project template

When I used to work with the Flash IDE, it was easy to test a piece of actionscript code, in an empty flash project. It was build somewhere in a temporary folder, and I never cared about that.
Since I don't use the the Flash IDE anymore, and in order to do quickly a test, I have to open my favourite editor, create a project, create the folders, files...A boring work...
And at the end what you get is an "experiments" folder, where there is a million of subfolders begining by "test"...
I've written something to deploy quickly a haXe project. It's nothing exciting but it can help.

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monday 18 august 2008


Here is a light slide show flash movie, written in haXe of course and targeting Flash Player 9.
I haven't any good picture to display, so I asked some friends of mine, to give me some of their lost pixels. Thanks guys ;-)
Click on the picture you like, to see the author's blog.

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friday 8 august 2008

hjs : Writing hScript in <script> HTML tag

You can't sleep since hScript is released ?! You want write hScript everywhere and even your last greeting card was written in hScript?!
Nothing special here... LOL
I've tried to write some hScript directly inside a <script> tag in the HTML document, as we can use javascript or vbscript and else ...
Take a look at that, it's just funny :-)

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wednesday 23 july 2008


Some days ago, Nicolas Cannasse has released a new library called hScript, for haXe.
This lib enables you to "interpret some code dynamically".
hScript is really powerful, you can try it with this little hScript Interpreter.

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friday 18 july 2008

haXe 2.0 RC1

The new haXe verison is available !
You can get the windows binaries here :
To see the changes, take a look at :
And of course, FEffects & XiLib have been updated too. You can get the last versions by using haxelib :
  • haxelib install feffects
  • haxelib install xilib
Or by updating the libraries this way : haxelib upgrade
You can also download the libraries manually :

I'm wainting for the new version of SWHX to update FDock
I have to find the time to see what to do with the FComponentsHx too ... Continue or not ? :-)

wednesday 28 may 2008

Unified Flash 6 - Flash 10 Loader

Here comes a sample of an universal loader that can load flash movies from version 6 to flash 9 or higher.
In fact, the problem is not really the version number of the flash movie but of the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) used. Flash applications using ActionScript 1/2 (flash <=8) work with AVM1 and these using ActionScript 3 (flash 9-10) work with AVM2, and both are not compatible.
AVM2 have instances of AVM1 and you can load flash<=8 applications into a flash 9 or flash10 but you cannot load flash 9 or 10 into flash <=8 movies... LOL I don't know if it's really clear...
Anyway, it's a flash 6 universal loader with progress event and flashvars, that can load and execute flash 9 or 10 applications:

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tuesday 13 may 2008

haXe New Way to Dock !

I'm proud, to present the cover of the next Flash&Flex Developer's magazine !
As you can see, the haXe article's, that you can see the subject here, is on the cover !

I'm writing another article about XiLib for haXe...comming soon ;-)
Note : you can suscribe the FFD newsletter here

thursday 8 may 2008

XiLib for haXe

XiLib is a package of 2 classes, that can help in building modular Flash applications.
It facilites application's maintenance : There is no need to re-build the whole project to fix a specific bug, to upgrade an existing part or add a new part to an existing application.
Xilib works with haXe Flash9 and gives help in loading and using ressources from external SWF libraries (as run-time downloaded classes, media assets, components, plugins or listeners*).
Let's see how does it work :-)

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tuesday 6 may 2008

Flash desktop applications using haXe & SWHX

In March, I had a proposition to write an article on haXe for a magazine called "Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine". It is a quarterly publication distributed in English language in the USA.
It was much work for me, because haXe is a vast subject and it was very difficult to choice what talking about !
Finally, I've written a desktop application, and then I decided to tittle the article :"Flash Desktop applications using haXe & SWHX"
The application is an Icon-Dock (a la Object-Dock, YZDock...) entirelly build with haXe.
Since I can't publish the article (13 pages effective of pure eye's pleasure LOL ) on my blog, until the magazine is in stores, here is the source code of the dock called "FDock"...of course ;-)

ScreenShot of FDock (on top)

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friday 18 april 2008

Same source code for different plateforms using haXe - Flash / JavaScript component sample

You can find many frameworks or libraries, plateform dependant, that help you writing your applications. You can, for exemple, find UI components, motion tweens libraries for flash (like caurinaTweener) and for JavaScript (like JavaScript Motion Tween). Each plateform is different and each library has its own API, that you have to learn and sometimes it's the best way to give you reason for hanging LOL .
Of course you can write your own libraries that use the same API for the different plateforms you target, but as everyone should know, coders are lazy.
haXe targets Flash and JavaScript, and thanks to the conditional compilation, you can easily build libraries having the same API and behaviour on different plateforms and sharing same, common source code.
Here comes an little example of a Button component having the same appearence and behaviour on Flash9 and JavaScript. 70% of the source code is common for both plateforms... Less time spent on building and debugging our library. It's a great news since time is money, and we don't want to loose money, right? ;-)

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saturday 12 april 2008

FEffects 0.1.0 for haXe (Tween for Flash8, Flash9 and JS)

This is a little package that I wanted to create including some tweens, sine loops effects (will come soon) and others effects that change values in time.
For now, a Tween class and easing equations (ported to haXe), are available for flash8, Flash9 and JavaScript.
Here is a sample :
Chips :

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sunday 6 april 2008

Collections access time : haXe Flash8 - Flash9 bench

Here's a basic test that shows times for differents ways to store and iterate through a set of collection as List, Hash, Array.
flash8 & flash9.

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wednesday 2 april 2008

Data access time : haXe Flash8 - Flash9 bench

Here's a basic test that shows times for differents ways to get a value.
flash8 & flash9, 8 tests, it can take time :-)

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monday 31 march 2008

Test "haXe et les outils open source de développement Web"

Voici l'ennoncé et le corrigé du test haXe.

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tuesday 18 march 2008

Flash – SWF – haXe

Support de cours « haxe et les outils open source de développement web »
2ème partie : Flash – SWF – haXe
Voici le plan :

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friday 14 march 2008

Bruno recommends Professionnal haXe and Neko

Professional haXe and Neko written by Franco Ponticelli and Lee McColl-Sylvester
620 pages of eyes' pleasure ! The title sounds like serial killers : Professional haXe and Neko
I've received my copy about 3 weeks ago now, I'm really happy, because I was waiting for it for more than one year !
It's the first book about this wonderful tool that haXe is.
Because of all the things that you can do with haXe, I think the book was not really easy too write, but it covers all essential, and more !
It's really easy to read, I use it like an encyclopedia, when I want to know something specific, but quickly my eye follow the lines, going to next chapter LOL
Really good job , thanks fly to Franco Ponticelli, Lee McColl-Sylvester and Nicolas Canasse.
The book is available at and

Bruno has his own copy of "Professional haXe and Neko" too ;-) .

thursday 13 march 2008

It really works !!!

Here comes an attempt of happiness prototype written in haXe.
Don't hesitate to add your own methods, or override these ones ;-)

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monday 3 march 2008

Initiation à haXe - référence du langage

Support de cours « haxe et les outils open source de développement web »
1ère partie : haXe langage universel Web
Voici le plan :

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thursday 21 february 2008

Présentation haXe et les outils open source de développement web - 1ère partie

Cours dispensés à l'IUT de Clermont-Ferrand : 3ème année licence pro web.
L'intitulé du cours est : haXe et les outils open source de développement web.
Pour cette première partie, je me suis appuyé sur mon slide de présentation de haXe que vous pouvez télécharger ici.
Attention, ce slide n'est qu'une présentation sommaire et nécessite des explications.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations ;-)

sunday 13 january 2008

Bruno's World

Here come some picture of Bruno's new home.
As you can see, It's a 2-sides Villa with a complete fun/sport room (best for parties), and a calm side with kitchen, bedroom and workspace where Bruno can code some HaXe applications of course :-) .

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saturday 22 december 2007

Sexy, light mp3 player

I've written a little mp3 player using SWFMill and HaXe.
3 params available:
  • file : mp3's URL
  • text : caption
  • loop : 'true' or 'false'
Noting new here, let see the sources.

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thursday 20 december 2007

Using AS3 project from haXe as library asset

This post is an extension of this one talking about flex in haxe without external loading.
When you want to use a SWF made with the Adobe Flash 9 or with the free mxmlc compiler, you have several ways in haXe.
The easy one is to load this SWF as external data. And then working with the .hx header classes generated from the AS3 project.
But if we want have only one SWF output file, we have to "merge" the 2 projects.
Here come a weired way to do that but it's the only one I've found :-/

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sunday 2 december 2007

HaXe / JavaScript Test Shoot'em up 100 lignes de code :)

Je suis un bricoleur en javascript mais haXe m'a donné envie d'essayer de faire quelque chose d'un peu propre.
J'ai donc fait un petit jeu tres rudimentaire et simple base de HTML, CSS et JavaScript (ecrit en haXe LOL ).
On peut voir le jeu ici.

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monday 10 september 2007

Starfield bad trip session

.. .. .. .. . ....... .. . . . . .. ... . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... .... . ....... .. . . . . .. ... . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... .......... . . . . . .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. . . .. . ...... . . . . . .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. . . .. . .. .... . ... . . .. ... ..... .. . .......... . . . .. . ... . ... .. . . ..... .. .. .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ....... .. . . . . .. ... . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... .......... . . . . . .. . .. .. . ....... .. . . . . .. ... . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... . . ....... .. . . . . .. ... . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... .......... . . . . . .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. . . .. . ......... . . . . . .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. . . .. . ... .. .. .. . . .. . . .. . .. . ...

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thursday 16 august 2007

AIRLogger for HaXe

AIRLogger is a useful standalone tracer (like LuminicTracer - Flash Inspector i.e.) targeting SWF and running on the Adobe Integrated Runtime.
The console is written by Cedric Nehemie (aka Abe -an abstract friend of mine ;-) ).

Here you can find the HaXe API for it.

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wednesday 15 august 2007

Using Flex components in HaXe with SWFMill and without external loading - part 1

HaXessibility & Flexibility ! :-D
We can work with Flex components in HaXe using an external loading as we can see in HaXe website tutorial:
The post following is a first attempt to use Flex components in HaXe without external loading. (Merging SWF at compilation).

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saturday 11 august 2007

Using Flex 3 Component without MXML - only AS3

This post is a complement to an old post Mon premier SWF9 gratos avec Flex SDK (in french).
When using MXML, a lot of initializations are made in background (Application, UIComponent ...)
This post is a sample AS3 code without any MXML that enables you using Flex Component in pure AS3, initializing manually Flex Application.

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thursday 9 august 2007

Luminic Tracer Flash Inspector 0.25 - 0.30 haXe (flash and flash9 compatible)

For users of the usefull tracer by Pablo Costantini, Luminic Tracer Flash Inspector 0.25 (or 0.30), I've rewrited the class for haXe, to use with SWF of course ;-)
It's an update from an old post.
Some bug fixed, light documentation added, and HaXe 1.14 compatible ! (new AS3 bytecode generation)

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tuesday 7 august 2007

HaXe Remoting : LocalConnection

HaXe standard library, contains remoting package (haxe.remoting) to communicate between different plateforms (Server/JS/Flash).
LocalConnection is a way to communicate from SWF to another SWF.
HaXe includes a powerful remoting layer for the native Flash LocalConnection that is really easy to use !

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saturday 28 july 2007

Flex 3 + AIR SDK (beta1) for HaXe

In order to access Adobe Flex or Adobe AIR APIs from HaXe, you need the externs classes.
These classes contain variables and methods signatures and ensure compile-time type checking (and completion...). They won't be compiled inside the SWF.
Then, you have to provide the used classes inside an extern SWF library (Flex components built inside SWF Library for example), or execute the application in the right flash player (AIR runtime for example).
If you attempt to use an object (class, function ...) that is not in the SWF library or is not native in the target flash player (AIR flash.filesystem API inside browser flash player), you'll get run-time exceptions.
You can download the ZIP that contains all the classes found in the Flex 3 SDK (excluding some standard libraries that are in the haxe std directory) here.

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thursday 7 june 2007

Joyeux anniversaire Nanuszka !

Un ptit post, pour faire passer enoooOOOooormement de poutoux à ma ptite nièce, Jeanne (aka Nanuszka), qui a son 1 an tout juste aujourd'hui !
Ca y est ! (j'etais quasiment sûr que ça allait arriver tôt ou tard).
Bon alors, les résolutions ?! hmmm j'imagine qu'elles sont nombreuses... Arreter de s'interesser aux garçons, plus te concentrer sur les études... Mettre ton casque quand tu montes en scooter (surtout derrière ce tocar de Julien !?) ... Ok, le pack "bonnes résolutions" quoi ;-) !
Gros bisous Nanuszka !
A bientôt !

Ci dessus : une Nanuszka virtuelle, qui pète de rire quand vous lui touchez le bidon ! :-D

saturday 2 june 2007

BloxHx 0.1

It's an open-sources Blocky clone game written in haXe.

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wednesday 23 may 2007

SWFMill + Flash 9 Library

This is a quick post about how to use SWFMill.
There are some tricks to generate SWF Library for Flash 9.

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sunday 13 may 2007


Version : Alpha 9
Release date : 2007.06.02
I started writing a set of skinnable components for haXe targetting flash8 and flash9.
I'll stop that once AsWing will be ported to haXe.

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monday 2 april 2007

Floats Flash Player Bug

I write this post to explain a big bug that occurs in Flash Player using float numbers.

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thursday 29 march 2007

haXe Completion

I will try to explain quickly, what's going on :
Your favourite IDE often provides you auto completion depending on the language you're writing your code. To do that, the plug-in reproduce a part of the compiler job ; it's a kind of parser, so it can suggest you what the compiler is waiting for in the next chars you'll write ( often after a "." or a "(" ).

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sunday 25 march 2007

Flash Inspector 0.25 haXe (flash and flash9 compatible)

For users of the usefull tracer by Pablo Costantini, Flash Inspector 0.25, I've rewrited the class for haXe, to use with SWF of course ;)

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What's HaXe, Neko and SWHX ?

For all people who thinks that haXe is another toy turning around big Flash world, this post will try to show its importance...

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First Post

Well, that's the way it is ...
I've some complications with my right hand, for 2 months, so I made this blog waiting for a new site ...