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haXe, actionscript, open source flash, SWF experimentations.
Note : Most posts are experiments, so some tricks are fixed in new versions of haXe.

friday 14 march 2008

Bruno recommends Professionnal haXe and Neko

Professional haXe and Neko written by Franco Ponticelli and Lee McColl-Sylvester
620 pages of eyes' pleasure ! The title sounds like serial killers : Professional haXe and Neko
I've received my copy about 3 weeks ago now, I'm really happy, because I was waiting for it for more than one year !
It's the first book about this wonderful tool that haXe is.
Because of all the things that you can do with haXe, I think the book was not really easy too write, but it covers all essential, and more !
It's really easy to read, I use it like an encyclopedia, when I want to know something specific, but quickly my eye follow the lines, going to next chapter LOL
Really good job , thanks fly to Franco Ponticelli, Lee McColl-Sylvester and Nicolas Canasse.
The book is available at and

Bruno has his own copy of "Professional haXe and Neko" too ;-) .

thursday 13 march 2008

It really works !!!

Here comes an attempt of happiness prototype written in haXe.
Don't hesitate to add your own methods, or override these ones ;-)

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