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haXe, actionscript, open source flash, SWF experimentations.
Note : Most posts are experiments, so some tricks are fixed in new versions of haXe.

wednesday 23 july 2008


Some days ago, Nicolas Cannasse has released a new library called hScript, for haXe.
This lib enables you to "interpret some code dynamically".
hScript is really powerful, you can try it with this little hScript Interpreter.

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friday 18 july 2008

haXe 2.0 RC1

The new haXe verison is available !
You can get the windows binaries here :
To see the changes, take a look at :
And of course, FEffects & XiLib have been updated too. You can get the last versions by using haxelib :
  • haxelib install feffects
  • haxelib install xilib
Or by updating the libraries this way : haxelib upgrade
You can also download the libraries manually :

I'm wainting for the new version of SWHX to update FDock
I have to find the time to see what to do with the FComponentsHx too ... Continue or not ? :-)