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haXe, actionscript, open source flash, SWF experimentations.
Note : Most posts are experiments, so some tricks are fixed in new versions of haXe.

wednesday 28 may 2008

Unified Flash 6 - Flash 10 Loader

Here comes a sample of an universal loader that can load flash movies from version 6 to flash 9 or higher.
In fact, the problem is not really the version number of the flash movie but of the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) used. Flash applications using ActionScript 1/2 (flash <=8) work with AVM1 and these using ActionScript 3 (flash 9-10) work with AVM2, and both are not compatible.
AVM2 have instances of AVM1 and you can load flash<=8 applications into a flash 9 or flash10 but you cannot load flash 9 or 10 into flash <=8 movies... LOL I don't know if it's really clear...
Anyway, it's a flash 6 universal loader with progress event and flashvars, that can load and execute flash 9 or 10 applications:

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tuesday 13 may 2008

haXe New Way to Dock !

I'm proud, to present the cover of the next Flash&Flex Developer's magazine !
As you can see, the haXe article's, that you can see the subject here, is on the cover !

I'm writing another article about XiLib for haXe...comming soon ;-)
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thursday 8 may 2008

XiLib for haXe

XiLib is a package of 2 classes, that can help in building modular Flash applications.
It facilites application's maintenance : There is no need to re-build the whole project to fix a specific bug, to upgrade an existing part or add a new part to an existing application.
Xilib works with haXe Flash9 and gives help in loading and using ressources from external SWF libraries (as run-time downloaded classes, media assets, components, plugins or listeners*).
Let's see how does it work :-)

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tuesday 6 may 2008

Flash desktop applications using haXe & SWHX

In March, I had a proposition to write an article on haXe for a magazine called "Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine". It is a quarterly publication distributed in English language in the USA.
It was much work for me, because haXe is a vast subject and it was very difficult to choice what talking about !
Finally, I've written a desktop application, and then I decided to tittle the article :"Flash Desktop applications using haXe & SWHX"
The application is an Icon-Dock (a la Object-Dock, YZDock...) entirelly build with haXe.
Since I can't publish the article (13 pages effective of pure eye's pleasure LOL ) on my blog, until the magazine is in stores, here is the source code of the dock called "FDock"...of course ;-)

ScreenShot of FDock (on top)

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