Professional haXe and Neko written by Franco Ponticelli and Lee McColl-Sylvester
620 pages of eyes' pleasure ! The title sounds like serial killers : Professional haXe and Neko
I've received my copy about 3 weeks ago now, I'm really happy, because I was waiting for it for more than one year !
It's the first book about this wonderful tool that haXe is.
Because of all the things that you can do with haXe, I think the book was not really easy too write, but it covers all essential, and more !
It's really easy to read, I use it like an encyclopedia, when I want to know something specific, but quickly my eye follow the lines, going to next chapter LOL
Really good job , thanks fly to Franco Ponticelli, Lee McColl-Sylvester and Nicolas Canasse.
The book is available at and

Bruno has his own copy of "Professional haXe and Neko" too ;-) .