Beautiful Sport / Fun Party place where Bruno can build his athletic body and have fun with some friends :

Separated by an old curtain (given by his grandma), it's the Bruno's Kitchen and bedroom. You can see the special food for competition and when thirsty, a bottle of best polish Wodka :-) :

Here come the best place where Bruno spends most of his time : his workspace !
Beautiful full-wood desktop, 2 buttons mouse, 19" wide screen (oh! I hope it's not a panic screenshot... He also like some meeting webside, because he's looking for a girlfriend for monthes now :-) )
Of course, Bruno's is linked to my computer by network (wifi connection).

As you can see, Bruno's Villa is a hole in France, like Luxemburg or Monaco...
He lives in Poland where cigarets and alcohol are, of course, less expensive, that's why I spend some of my nights with him :-) .
You haven't seen Bruno yet ? A post in french here :
...and a picture of bruno some monthes ago :

I'll take more pictures of my Bruno soon :-)