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haXe, actionscript, open source flash, SWF experimentations.
Note : Most posts are experiments, so some tricks are fixed in new versions of haXe.

Profile :

Michal Romecki : Passionated by programming, I'm an auto-didact coder and worked as free-lance for few years, playing with design and code using mainly Flash.
In 2004, I joined, one of the most popular casual gaming website.
Today, I'm the manager of the Game Development Team, building internet games using haXe and open source tools. I teach haXe and open source development at University.
I'm also an active member of the haXe and open source community.

What else ?

I'm born in Poland in 1979, and live in the middle of France since 95 now.
I was an active member of the demoscene from 97 to 2000 as graphist in Toadstood (FR), Enenzi (PL) and Popsy Team (FR) and Skytech (FR).
I like drawing, painting, playing drums and life.

You can contact me here :